Lego – The Riddler’s Lair

Oh no! The Riddler is hacking the Gotham’s bank! Batman must put an end to it.

This fan film was made with love and passion for the lego rebrick contest in 6 weeks only, from script to last render.
I personally worked on the shot 4,5 & 7, Respectively the shots where Batman leaps on the Riddler to throw Batarangs, Riddler dodging the attack and the final shot with the… Oh wait! No spoilers.

Directed by
Simon BAU

Rig/Scripts by
Sebastien Camrrubi, Anthony Delliste & Guillaume Ferrachat

Animation by
Scott Bono, Melanie Fumey, Thomas Campos

FX by
Valentin Valdo Dornel

Original soundtrack and sound FX by

You can find some news about the workflow in this interview:

Client: Personal Project. Date: 5 Jan. 2017